New Tech

Setting up Sub-Domain on Polywork with Cloudflare Pages

My personal take on this platform is that, it is a way for people in developer relations  to  keep track of all the activities we get up to, in a single place. It gives that feeling of confidence and a way to have your work speak for you.


Building a linktree with Cloudflare Workers

If you have ever wondered how you can pull all the links to your accounts into one place so that it’s easy to share, then you are probably thinking of a linktree. I know, Linktree? The name sounds a bit weird, No! It’s not a tree filled with links, it's actually a webpage that contains links to other web pages. At the end of this tutorial, you will build something like this.


Serverless gives “static” sites super powers

First of all Serverless functions doesn’t mean functions without servers, it’s a huge misnomer (so are so many other things in tech, but hey who is counting). Instead of giving you a generic definition I will give you a use case that explains Serverless.